Derek has now sold over 1,200 properties since 2005!

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Derek comes from humble beginnings. Raised in the Temecula area until the 8th grade when he lost his father. After the loss of his father, his family lost their home, cars, their small family business failed, and they were left with nothing and homeless. Derek's mother moved them to the High Desert to live with her family. Derek's mom then worked 40 hours a week at a laundromat and 40 hours a week at a local video store as she went on to work 80 hours a week for years to come. Derek was the new kid in High School, just lost his father, dirt poor and felt helpless watching his mother struggle to pay the bills. Derek started working multiple jobs right away and has never stopped.

Out of these struggles, Derek's mental toughness was developed. Combined with a burning desire to help people and be the best he can be, Derek quickly became #1 in his office, #1 in the High Desert, #1 in Southernmost California and then #21 in the Nation for Century 21! Derek personally sold 138 properties in 2018 and 1,000+ in the last 14 years! In 2019 Derek started "De Ville Core Agents Team" which quickly became the #1 Team in the High Desert. In 2020 Derek became Co-Owner of Realty ONE Group Empire and has assisted in the massive growth of the organization.

Derek has revolutionized the real estate industry with powerful systems and people that provide clients with an experience that has proven to be out of this world. Despite Derek achieving financial success, he is most proud of helping people. This includes his clients and the other great real estate professionals that he works with. Derek loves to hike, fish with his young son, be silly with his daughter and continues to "date" his wife.

Now, as a successful businessman and industry leader Derek has stayed true to his CORE values. Derek is first and foremost a family man, community contributor and a man that loves to serve people.